Sunday, June 11, 2006

Leben heißt Leben, II

It’s been hot like in Purgatory. I needed to water my sunflowers three times today. I also gave them some new soil. They should do pretty well this summer, better than they did the last year. Despite of generally better conditions, some of those promising seedlings will break their stems or die for other reasons. Some in the shadows will prevail and prosper while some from the best places in the sun will fall and perish. Despite of my gardening the seeds may be bad and the universe play its whims with a touch of death on them. I see these flowers to be born, to live and die. This is one of my yearly Workings of the myth of the eternal return.
While I went to run some errands later, I thought of many people and their place in the sunshine with eyes of a gardener from tô aletheias pedion.


Anonymous D said...

My flower of adoration
Seeking the highest sky
Starting its growth with a tiny seed
Following the path of the sun
Bathing in the beams of golden light
Swaying slowly without a care
Grounded, rooted, firm in its place
Continuesly unfolding
until the sun dies...

8:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You write in nice forms about flowers and shit but behind them you cover some really profound and even nasty points. You are fucking evil!

9:07 pm  
Blogger Ensio Kataja said...

Of course Tapio is downright evil, and Good (see agathon). That is part of his Work, after all...;-)

9:26 am  
Blogger Tapio Kotkavuori said...


your comments makes you "evil" too :D

Aletheia through Rûna,


6:57 pm  

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