Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Manifesto of Aletheia

1. Aletheia means Truth.

2. This Truth means Truth of Being.

3. In order to unconceal this Truth one needs to Work against forgetting.

4. Two keys for Remembering this Truth are forms and will.

5. The mirror of Remembering is between natural birth and death, but its source is beyond them.

6. The nature of Remembering is sacred and it is the source of pure religiousness.

7. Aletheia reflects zeitgeist of the world of forgetting, offering principle for Remembering.



Blogger Ensio Kataja said...

My Brother Tapio,

as you very well know, my Work concentrates on that which is Holy, *wihaz and *hailagaz, pyhä. Indeed, the nature of Remembering is sacred, too. Remember (pun unintended) how I said to you earlier, that with Aletheia, with such a task, curse and a blessing, great changes will indeed come for you and for us all. That time has now come.

7:23 pm  
Blogger hyperboreanmountain said...

Interesting writing. It inspired me to write a comment of sorts on my blog.

1:02 pm  

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