Thursday, May 25, 2006

Meditation on the banks of the river Lethe

I have been listening to the before mentioned Cantata Sangui song over and over again. It seems like heavy listening is not killing the song but just making it better. Not only is this song brilliant in itself, but it must have been additionally grazed by the lady who’s name the song bears. The daemonically majestic, otherwordly beautiful, unstoppably powerful, and eternally mysterious breathes throughout the music. I am moved of this song and its synchronistic magic like Nietzsche of Bizet’s Carmen in 1881 CE.
As I was listening to the song over my morning coffee, I felt that there were few things that I wanted to write about in relation to the daemon of my destiny.
Every now and then I have been asked to write more about Aletheia. I have written relatively little directly about her. But there are some straightforward entries about her also in this blog, though. You can look f.ex here and here in relation to this. And if you go digging you might find even more from the archives.
I am a firm believer of indirect teaching in relation to initiation. This means that I think that you can’t capture the essence of initiatory teaching into written language alone and to declare that 'here it is', impersonally codified as a universal truth for all to learn as such. Some great writers have managed to write texts that from some angle can be pretty convincing regarding truths of existence, but I don’t dare to count myself as such a writer. And as a matter of fact, I have more or less purposefully and regularly tried at times to write as suspiciously as Gurdjieff in his Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson in order to make my readers to doubt what I say and to learn for themselves if there is some or any kind of sense in what I say. This might be something to keep in mind also regarding this blog.
Indirect teaching is about creating conditions where those with a certain kind of inner need can feed the spark they have within. Such conditions can be and often are also formal, but for those with eyes those conditions are much broader. They involve the whole multidimensional web between those who want to teach, study and learn. The teaching breathes in and out of that web for those who thirst for its truth. Initiates, the living personal examples of that truth, their exchange with each other, is the key here.
What makes initiatory schools or groups or relationships so precious comes all from there. No wisdom can be codified in its proper fullness to only a slice of the whole. Wisdom can be shared, though. But it is shared at its best from person to person, face to face, in unique conditions of time and space. In that kind of context also written words can take their place at their best in relation to initiation.
The more I am breathing in aletheia, the more I am stunned by her mystery and power. And as this takes place, the more I seem to become blessed with wonderful individuals who come to my life and share with me things that speak of aletheia too. In these conditions aletheia is learned at its best: in an esoteric relationships between those who seek to ‘remember themselves’.
I might have some intellectual skills, but I am not first and foremost an intellectual by my character. I am first of all an initiate of the heart of being, a fire-breathing entity of the eternal spring. The best I might have to share is not shared via my writings but via in person contacts. It is because of this that I have not written more directly about aletheia. Aletheia is first of all about a holistic (and as such, sacred) potential of the whole human being. You can’t cook Lemon Tagliatelli only with ½ rind of a lemon. I am still daredevil enough to try to offer some useful recipe to get a taste of aletheia, as one of my current writing project hints.
The Order of the Great Bear of the Temple of Set prepares currently for its annual the Book of Life-project (those with copies of my first book can read more about the project from there). Traditionally this project has been about writing an autobiography with an initiatory point of view. This year we are turning to the other direction and focusing via our dreams, hopes, and wills towards the potential future. There will be talk, writing, and magic involved with this. And here we come to the last subject that I thought to say few words about this time – happiness.
My garden of initiation and its tools might help one to realize a mortal life as a moment between natural birth and death. It can be like closing eyes for a moment and opening them again, seeing 'it all' in a moment right before the great inevitable and then understanding what carpe diem or vive hodi means. Beauty that grows with bright colours in such a pressure shines lust for life, acute feeling of wonder in being alive, joy in transcendental experience of one’s will and of realizing that what one can Remember means that one is potentially something more than just a wretched mortal worm. Sacred truth might unconceal itself, being and becoming unite.
But the natural aspect of the divine human animal is easily stressed and depressed by being reminded of these things. Those who seek to be in eyes of Aletheia and have her in their eyes, have known and will know that conscious efforts to truly be able to ‘be’ and ‘to do’ is one helluva place to be in. Those who have taken part to the Book of Life-project during the previous years know how depressing it can be to remember oneself. The general human condition drinks heavily of Lethe every single day. What keeps an initiate sane here is ability to laugh at oneself and to learn what makes one happy.
To be ‘too serious’ is not to be serious enough. To truly be serious means that you are also able to not take yourself ‘too seriously’. Blind are those goddesses and gods who are not able to laugh and to dance on the banks of the river Lethe!
Remember yourself.


Blogger Ensio Kataja said...

Knowing you in person, it was a sheer pleasure to read this. Hopefully your readers will in time Understand both the obvious and hidden points here. But the best way to teach and learn is of course through experience, through meeting face to face. Compared to those moments, all texts mean nothing.

The genuinely superior people are known by their hidge and heart, humour and openness. Their actions indeed speak louder than words. They know and can readily admit the simple truth that no matter how high they may at times soar, Life has its ups and downs, tricks and curves. Those, who follow the Old One-Eye wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fire away, Brother!

:Rock til Rûna:

9:19 am  

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