Wednesday, May 24, 2006

No longer in eyes of Aletheia

Something significant took synchronistically place in my universe yesterday. I had felt for days that inspiration to write Aletheia: In search of Self-Remembering was growing to new heights. I felt the presence of aletheia to require some reflection that evening. Interestingly, soon after deciding to do that I received a prehear of a Cantata Sangui song. And the song? No longer in eyes of Aletheia.

In addition to being personally stunningly significant, the song is also truly enchanting in itself. I have understood that it is going to be part of the band's coming CD. Based on this prehear that's something to certainly look for.

I thank Thuleia and Wooki for being messengers of the lady Aletheia regarding this song to me.


Anonymous Thuleia said...

Pari sanaa sanojen merkityksestä tänään:

8:27 pm  

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