Thursday, June 01, 2006

3rd print of Vasemman Käden Polku

The 3rd print of Vasemman Käden Polku (Finnish for The Left Hand Path) is under work. The book will have an additional new foreword, the text might become slightly edited from here and there, and there might be one or two new appendixes in the book as well. The third print of the book is going to be a black hardcover with silver texts and the pentagram on the cover. With good luck the book will be available during this summer already, but it should be available at least later during this year.


Blogger Try(e)stA said...

So, you're selling like hell...:). Just a few days ago while visiting Akateeminen K your book metaphorically 'fell' into my hands (it used to be sold out just a while ago), and I have to give you 10 / 10 when it comes to the Power of Word you have there. The book is 'burning' already when one opens it. And I've read so many books during the last 8 years......well, I've ready many good books and I've read many difficult books etc etc, but the fact is that MOST books lack this kind of pure power that you have. It leaves one 'gasping for words', so to speak.....

You said a few blog entries ago that you do not consider yourself to be first and foremost a writer, but an initiate of the heart of being.....well said.

I can't say that I'm in line with all of the things you write about. But as you say it yourself it's about a leap of Faith in the end......the subject area of your book is something that can't be critized, it can only be "taken" (as granted, or after some hesitation) or "dismissed".

That is what both saves you from the so called scientific hammering down (because official sciences won't and can't comment on it in that way), and maybe just scares the hell out of many other readers........

In any case, the book has power beyond words and I don't think anyone (with a heart) fails to FEEL it.

Yes, take this as a compliment. I do wish to believe that we live in a world where it is possible to "take" and resonate with those things that feel right or meaningful for oneself and "leave out" those that do not. So, in this case it would lead people into an open dialogue with 'what has been said or written'... and eventually one finds from there his / her own truth. What do you think, just how far this kind of dialogue could or should go on? I mean, TOS has some pretty heavy stuff to say about certain forces and flows of meanings in this world, even though it leaves much questions open and good deal of freedom to move, too....but still...

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