Friday, May 05, 2006

From under my medieval hat

I found a great medieval hat today. Now I know what I’m going to wear in my head this year during the medieval fair of Turku, probably my favourite annual thing in the city. With that hat and my churchwarden pipe I guess I look like some character who escaped from Tolkien’s books. At least I speak a language pretty close to that universum.

I met my book’s publisher yesterday. The English translation of my first book Vasemman Käden Polku (The Left Hand Path) is about to be ready in its full draft. The draft should be ready during this weekend. The Finnish version of the book is going into its 3rd print later this year or early next year. It is going to be a hardcover version, most likely with black covers and silver texts and pentagram on its covers and back. The third print will also be a bit edited and updated and there will be a new introduction to the book too, in addition to the original one. There will possibly also be some never before seen drawings from me in the book.

I got my hands into Niko Scorpio’s new CD Escape from Heaven finally yesterday. Anyone who is familiar with Niko’s earlier materials will notice that this is brand new, fresh and dynamic, born out of an individual who knows how to transform essence into sound and in this case also into sonic magick. The CD has played almost non-stop on the background for a day for me now... This is brilliant multi-layered material, where sound supports visual images and texts (that are great art in themselves) and the other way around too. The CD sounds great already with the first hearing, but leaves the listener with an evident feeling that it needs more digesting. The more you listen to it, the better it gets. Partly this is so due to the universal law with all great art – they offer a substantial mirror for your Self. Without doubt, this is going to be among my “Best CD’s of the year”.

Two days ago I watched a film from my all-time top ten – The Holy Mountain. This movie is a bit like Niko Scorpio’s latest CD, or Liber AL vel Legis for that matter. It does not open it it’s fullness at first, no matter that it leaves you with a profound inspiration and sense of awe. The Holy Mountain is a nuisance to watch if you like easy movies. The movie is a riddle or a mirror. It is full of esoteric lessons, beginning with a seemingly harsh note from the movie’s alchemist: You are excrement. You can change yourself in gold.

That’s enough for now. Real life awaits us beyond the computer screen.


Blogger xcvxcv said...

I have to see this one. :)

1:54 pm  
Blogger Etemenanki said...

This is just a blog real life is waiting for you!

8:41 pm  
Anonymous Joan said...

Yes, blogs are blogs/journals and real life is real life. But in the hands of a good writer and/or artist, quite a bit of real life moments can be expressed therein.
I enjoyed today's post.

5:32 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unlike Joan there, I saw the Holy Mountain some time ago and thus understood also the made real life reference. Jodorowsky must be mad. Or on acid. Or both. Did you know he acted as a minister in Marilyn Mansons wedding?

I also listened to some Niko Skorpio tracks online and my assesment of him is the same: mad, on acid and probably connected to MM :)

11:41 am  
Anonymous skorpio said...

Most amusing! But I claim no connection to either acid or mr. Manson, so... :-)

Beware, it's contagious!

5:41 pm  
Blogger Try(e)stA said...

Watched Holy Mountain some days ago. A wonderful film, indeed.

A friend of mine said Jodorowsky looks like Gurdjieff, I don't know, but if TK had a moustache like that and a medieval hat on......there would be a resemblance, would there?

The atmosphere in the film changes from confusion and a sense of terror into something calmer and warmer, maybe even "wiser".....:)?

The many 'jokes' in it (like the biggest one in the end) are good examples of the paradoxical nature of all "poetic logic". Something that is semantically speaking wide enough to include both a terrible amount of pure humour and a real magical attraction.

The spelling was so awful that in a movie it could not Work any better than that!

5:19 pm  

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