Monday, May 08, 2006

Poker and the master game

Those who know me in person or have read my second book know, that I am not big on playing games. I used to play chess, even pretty well, when I was younger. Then my skills in that game got rusty, and if I got thrilled about any game it was something that appealed to an ameba in deep dark levels of my brain via Tetris or Worms 2. I just don't get much thrills from games. The only game I guess I enjoy is "the master game", as presented by Robert S. de Ropp in his book with the same title. To summarize, the master game could be said to equal to initiation, a process of self-exploration and actualization.

A friend of mine, Hrabanaz, is a talent in poker and it has been fascinating to talk with him about similarities between the game and the master game. It was a pleasure to see that he put a great entry into his blog about the subject recently. The entry can be found from here. There is also a very insightful aletheia-twist in the text...

What kind of games you enjoy and why?


Blogger hyperboreanmountain said...

I still love Blizzard's StarCraft. It's real-time strategy at its best. Not too complicated like so many games now, but multifaceted enough to warrant a multitude of solutions to about any challenge. Fast, fast, fast, oh yeah, click and fly. ;)

Why? I don't know. Makes me feel good. :)

11:07 pm  
Anonymous Joan said...

I don't do well with strategy games. If they are a mix of strategy and luck, then it is fun. But mostly I like word games like Scrabble, Boggle and doing crossword puzzles. I like the mental challenge in these.

4:56 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like all kinds of games. Board, card and roleplaying. I don't play very often, though. I'm not very big fan on computer games, but last winter Civilization 4 and I spent quite many hours together.

When things get too hot upstairs, games seem to be one of the best ways to relax, without numbing the head altogether. I also like the social aspect of many games.


3:31 pm  

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