Friday, February 17, 2006

Levels of Aletheia

I have heard some thoughts that have indicated that my ideas about aletheia have sometimes been understood to be either atheistic or pessimistic or both (maybe the William Shatner quote in this blog has something to do with this?). Nothing could be more far away from the truth of the matter.
There are certain levels of aletheia, that is, of self-remembering, as talked about f.ex in my previous posts entitled The Five Floors of the House of Consciousness and Domestic Rites of Passage and the river Lethe (if you have not read them before, they would make a good background to this post). Finns who have my two publictly published books could check them out too in relation to this subject (aletheia breathes them throughout). And, as some of you already know, Robert S. de Ropp’s The Master Game is an essential reading regarding the floors I am so stubbornly talking about.
Because we are human beings (at least to my knowledge), I tend to teach my initiatory teaching with an emphasis that speaks most of all to the human aspect in the totality of our being (although our highest potential as human beings can be labeled divine). As a teacher I see this to be a good and common sense basic pedagogic strategy. Bluntly put, I seek to make people in general to remember themselves between their natural birth and death. This is one key to what aletheia is about, but it is not the only one (Martin Heidegger wrote well about this key to aletheia with his notes on death as a mirror for being. See his classic Being and Time for further details).
If you are able to remember yourself between natural birth and death (which most often equals to remembering yourself in your consciousness house’s floor number 4 which roughly means on the level of self-trancendence), you might start to become able to remember yourself also on higher levels of being. If we get into the 4th and the 5th floor of the house of consciousness, we are pretty much also starting to talk about what Plato meant with remembering in his works (see f.ex his Meno regarding this). This is about remembering yourself in relation to the eternal ideas of the universe (f.ex the idea of the Isolate Intelligence).
I was privileged to hear of such a higher remembering last night. My Brother Ensio Kataja told me about his initiatory work with runes and germanic tradition and how he experienced remembering an ancient runemaster communicating with his being. By the way, check out Ensio’s blog-entry on the five floors of the house of consciousness in relation to the germanic pattern of cosmos, that of Yggdrasill. Ensio has plenty of great thoughts to offer here and in the world of the internet, this reminds me of the saying ”casting pearls before swines”...
To hit a nail to the forehead of the cosmos: Aletheia is not pessimistic, fatalistic, or atheistic concept. It is essentially very much on the contrary. It is positive, optimistic, and trancendental concept. It is about remembering the most sacred dimension of the universe. It is a mirror that can help you to Be and to Become more efficiently.
Remember yourself... always and everywhere. Be as much as you can as a human being and through that seek to Become... what you Need to.


Blogger Ensio Kataja said...

Dear Tapio,

this was a very important blog entry.

I have had both pleasure and priviledge to witness your dynamic growth over the years and I said to you already over a year ago that your "adopting" of Aletheia as a personal concept is simply a very high level Initiatory outcome of your Work. As you well know, such things happen out of Need, and neither chance or anything vaque has nothing to with them. If there are words to describe such events, I can think of only clarity, serenity and indeed, Remembering.

Aletheia is very clearly transpersonal and everything you have so far taught to anyone, simply makes this even more clear and powerful force in the world. With such a task, curse and a blessing, great changes will indeed come for you and for us all.

I Remember, too.

6:50 am  
Blogger Tapio Kotkavuori said...

Dear Ensio,

thanks for your thoughts. Much appreciated.

4:16 pm  
Anonymous Aleithia Greenwood said...

I remember this thought.
I remember blossoming from
the sacred nothingness that
has been
and the spirals
that become.

What a magnificent website, to all contributors.
Tapio you have moved the threads
of eternity and placed them for our enjoyment.

I am thrilled I remembered to enter through your door.

Thank you for the words
they hold so much power and beauty.
from Aleithia Greenwood.

7:02 am  

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