Saturday, April 29, 2006

Some Saturday notes on life in Wonderland

The older I get, the wierdner it gets. Life. In the common sense of the word wierd as well as in the original sense of the word, wyrd. I am not going into juicy examples of my own life. We all have our own examples and that is what suffices here.

I woke up this morning after sleeping much longer than usually. What a luxury to wake up after a noon. My schedule is getting a bit easier when it comes to fixed timetable. I am happy to have my hands full of work, but now I am more free about what to do and when.

Some of the things of urgent attention are getting the final pages of my first book translated into English and getting proper programs to my computer so that I can start to record new music. I am full of ideas and I just can’t wait to start working with them.

The first thing I did this morning was to finish reading Ben MacIntyre’s Forgotten Fatherland. The Search for Elisabeth Nietzsche. What a wonderful book that was. A true key to seeing this life as Wonderland.

Elizabeth Förster-Nietzsche was truly a twisted sister. At least if you look at things from his brother’s perspective. It is too bad that she shamelessly used and ripped off his brother’s philosophy to her own ends after returning to Germany from Paraguay, where her and her husband’s utopia called Nueva Germania went down the hill.

As my regular readers have noted, I have been heavily influenced by Friendrich Nietzsche’s philosophy. This has been the case since I was around 16 years old or so. With this background MacIntyre’s book was just a “must to read” for me. But it was interesting also because I have always been interested in utopias. Plato, Thomas More, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, as well as J.R.R. Tolkien have all painted their own utopian societies. I have been nurturing ideas of my own in this field too, for years. Maybe those thoughts will turn one day into a book.

MacIntyre’s book gave a really interesting angle to see life as a Wonderland in realizing that there are still Germans in the original site of Nueva Germania, in the middle of a jungle. It was shocking and fascinating to think for the reasons why those persons were living there, and where they could be if their ancestors would not have decided to go there, if Elizabeth Förster-Nietzsche and her banana-brain antisemitic husband Bernhard Förster would not have come up with such a wild idea called Nueva Germania. All of a sudden seemingly whimsical effects of the Universe on my life looked a bit smaller in comparison to these things.

Another angle to life as Wonderland were my meditations while doing tons of dishes while listening to Neil Young’s Living with War. I listened to the album twice. That should tell something about how much I had dishes... maybe also of something else.

A bit more happier angle to the Wonderland came while listening to Hecata and while pondering on what a magical path I have been travelling ever since my ancestor who was a teacher looked into my eyes through a black-and-white photograph some 15 years ago and contributed in a wyrd way in getting me into studying pedagogics and becoming the second teacher in the family. This spring marks a Victory in my practise of Thelema in this field.

The moral of these ramblings – life is a Wonderland, in good and bad, in pleasure and pain. It is pretty much up to you, what you make out of it. Don’t just read about magic – live magic. Jump into the transmutating fire of Aletheia and open yourself to Wonders of your whole humanity.


Blogger Ansku said...

The greatest philosophers are the ones with more dishes ;-)
This was an interesting reading. It's a pitty Kalevi and I have a dish machine. One can have great thoughts while doing trivial things like cleaning the house.

I had never heard of Elizabeth Nietzsche and of Nueva Germania. So it still exists?


12:26 pm  
Blogger Tapio Kotkavuori said...

Hi Ansku,

well, maybe you can give your dish machine away. I could be interested :-)

True, seemingly trivial daily things can be turned into profound meditations.

And yes, Nueva Germania still is out there:

If you are interested in the subject, I recommend MacIntyre's book.

7:12 pm  
Anonymous Joan said...

Thank you for a very interesting post! I remember my 'bachelor' days and the dishes that would collect. Oh, nasty, nasty things happen to a pot left for days that has macaroni and cheese in it! (No, I could not get too philosophical then!)

Dark Blessings...

3:56 pm  

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