Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mouth of Hell

I went to Ostium to experience Oktapi (from Singapore/Finland) and Anla Courtis (from Argentina) tonight. It was a very welcome and inspiring break into tailoring philosophy lessons I am going to teach to some high school students the next week. My conceptions of music got positively shaken once again at Some Place Else´s physical location as Anla Courtis used sleeping bag (!) as a musical instrument. Some Place Else continues to offer something very unique for those who are interested in “experimental, esoteric, eccentric and electronic musick”. I am lucky to have them in the same city I am living in. When it comes to music, Some Place Else offers something else. Keep your eyes and ears open for what they have to offer. It is nothing less than sounds from real borderlands of a living culture. Great stuff, hot and freshly served from the steaming mouth of Hell.


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