Saturday, February 18, 2006

Two kinds of galdr

I spent some time at my book publisher's headquarters yesterday. As predicted, good amounts of coffee and vegetarian pies were consumed. I also got more pages covered for the audiobook version of Saatanan Mustat Nahkasiivet. I guess it is going to take two more sessions to get the whole work completed for recordings of the book. Then there is the work of creating the covers, leaflet, and so forth for the publication... but I am just happy about all of that. And I already have a vision of what the end result is going to be like.
When it comes for today, I had a wonderful time with a handful of brilliant people. Musicians and magicians, from different academic realms - of biology, astronomy, computers, and such. Setians and non-setians. In Finnish, people who represent parhautta in many ways.
I gave a short lecture (maybe 40 minutes) about aletheia. After that, we talked about the topic for a good while. I think there is going to be some kind of summary about the lecture here in a day or two. Before of that, I want to express my sincere thanks for those individuals who were here today to talk about self-remembering.


Anonymous Avalonia said...

“Ehdotonta parhautta,” indeed. Every once in a while you can get wonderful moments of meaningfulness between long periods of "non-being". Yesterday was one of these moments. There was, suddenly, a flash of insight that lights the whole scenery like bright aurora in the night sky. And suddenly, everything so familiar looks a little different, and a new way of seeing is achieved.

Time will tell did the meeting that we had yesterday sow seeds in the fertile soil, and will that, as time passes by, grow into something bigger. I have my own presentiments about that, but it is too early to tell – wheel of fortune is spinning so rapidly at this moment that it is yet impossible to tell whether it will settle down or not.

Anyways, yesterdays conversations did represent something that I have wanted to do for a long time, and in that sense, it was a materialization of some unspoken, subconscious wish. I felt I experienced a lot, and I hope that others did as well. My sincere thanks to all participants.

6:05 pm  
Blogger Wooki said...

With a right kind of momentum, things can sometimes get pretty Unsane. Metacultural habits get re-invented and bus- & tramcar drivers begin to demonstrate their artistic talents in a form or another.

One thing that can create such a momentum, is looking over your shoulder and noticing that someone has followed you into Wonderland. Especially, if you are a White Rabbit and the sound of the Death Clock keeps booming in your ears.

Well, no time to say "hello" - goodbye - I'm late.

Hasta manana, 'til we meet again, milkshake.

10:13 pm  
Blogger Tapio Kotkavuori said...

It was a great meeting, indeed. I found it inspiring to hear some fresh points of view on all the subjects covered.

When it comes to aletheia, it was pleasantly challenging to try to explain my basic views and perspectives of it to my guests, maybe especially A ja J. Talking with persons one does not meet often gives a great possibility to see fairly familiar subjects anew. I gained quite a lot of the meeting in this and other ways too.

It was great to have A and J as guests also due to their liminal state of being. It is rare to be in crossroads of _so many_ liminal angles _at the same time_. I find people in liminal states in their lives almost always fascinating due to inspiration and insights that are potentially present there for many people involved. To have people in limbo from several liminal angles and to get them to talk about aletheia - wow! - now that's great! :-)

Remember yourself (and lessons of Arnold van Gennep! :-)

10:59 am  

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