Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Virta and Radio Robin Hood

My interview Essentia - Tapio Kotkavuoren haastattelu (by Matti Rautaniemi and Aarre Lehto) for the splendid Virta-magazine became available today. The whole issue of the magazine can be downloaded for free from here (as a .pdf-document, in Finnish only).

Radio Robin Hood aired their interview of me (and of Kalle Merjamaa, representative of my publisher Voimasana) also today. Both interviews can be heard from here. Music on the background of my interview is from my CD Terra Hyperborea.


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Anonymous Ensio Kataja said...

Hail Tapio,

Your interview in Virta magazine was very interesting, offering a sophisticated and balanced perspective to the initiatory work. Hopefully it will also help some people to realize that the rough contrasts such as "Right-Hand Path"
and "Left-Hand Path" are models, and as such cannot capture the exact reality they try to describe. While the Odian path, for instance, is congruent with the definition of the Left-Hand Path you give in your book The Left Hand Path and Dr. Stephen E. Flowers before you in his Lords of the Left Hand Path, the readers should bear in mind that the map is not the territory.

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Blogger Try(e)stA said...

There was a huge amount of very interesting material for this Virta-interview. We have some 3-4 hours of speech on disc, and the text we wrote from this "flow" is a little bit more than a tip of the iceberg - could have been more detailed, could have been better, but it is difficult to put it all into "one piece" and remain coherent (especially because the questions I asked were confusing and NOT coherent - it's this method of asking stupid questions...:))). Kotkavuori's magical and inspiring presence, at the same time "hermeneutic" AND "true to his own path" kind of Stylus put a (metaphorical) spell on both me and Rautaniemi. My respects definitely earned for that, and Rautaniemi's too.

The map is not the territory, yes, I think so, too. These things are very complicated, but they get straightened up if or when one consciously chooses his way of walking, even though this may be a complicated thing in itself. For me it was a slow process and a very painful question mark for many years, and for many good reasons. But these reasons are, like usually, personal and "intimate", much more than anything else. And they can not and should not be opened up in public in any way (so I just almost crossed the line even by saying this much).

And as Kotkavuori said, it is up to the individual him/herself to decide, define and direct his/her comings and goings all along the path(s). But when one is "inside" (whether it's TOS or RG), it both "limits" and expands the view and the ways of working - because then there are clearer sets of tools to navigate etc. As for me, I am outside these organizations, and my views are (necessarily) very limited in this sense. This fact does not prevent me from respecting and still being honestly curious, even though I myself relate quite closely to, let's say, Steinerian and Swedenborgian ways of thinking, and in that sense am just a humble man looking at the spiritual world in amazement.

The exact reality exists, after all, doesn't it. The thing is, one must seek, find and figure it all out by him/herself. This world really has enough of these unnecessary and unfortunate "competitions" and inquisitions going on even still. Confused people then plant the seeds of even more confusion, and what is worst, plain stupidity (and I mean stupid answers, not just stupid questions). I don't consider myself a real Knower, and my style of speaking is sometimes confusingly arrogant, but I know enough to pay my respects and send my greetings to both of you.

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Blogger Tapio Kotkavuori said...


thank you for your feedback.

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