Friday, March 09, 2007


Scapegoat (2005 CE) by Pekka Jylhä.

I gave two interviews today. The first was for Dr. Kennet Granholm who interviewed me on vegetarianism, animal rights, and the Arkte Element of the Temple of Set. Dr. Granholm is going to use the interview as material to his coming article for Journal for the Study of Radicalism. Also use of stuffed animals in Pekka Jylhä’s exhibition at the art museum of Väinö Aaltonen and use of human bodies in Gunther von Hagen’s Body Worlds exhibition were extensively talked about during the interview. The way how human bodies in an art exhibition raise criticism but animal bodies does not is a clear example of speciecism. This was clearly agreed between us. What are your thoughts on the subject?

The second interview of the day was made with Antti Klimoff from Radio Robin Hood. The topic was generally about the left hand path, the Temple of Set, and my books. Also a representative of Voimasana has been interviewed for the same program which will be in the air next Tuesday, 13th of March.


Anonymous Joan said...

How surprising! The 'Body Worlds' exhibit is showing in Phoenix Arizona at a time when I will be there. Hmmm, might go there instead of Heard Museum. It is always interesting to learn about the inner workings of the 'meat machine'. (Also, it is good for artists to understand anatomy, muscularature and such...)

8:20 am  
Anonymous Joan said...

Well, I got our tickets for the 'Body Worlds' showing in Phoenix. I don't see what the fuss is about. I certainly expect those whose bodies ended up in the display, either them, or their loved ones knowing from prior communication, donated their bodies to science.

And as for 'gross', well, that is a matter of opinion. As I recall DaVinci used to make himself present at autopsies so he could study the innards. (Imagine the stench!) For 'seeking the mysteries', what he endured!

6:27 pm  
Anonymous Joan said...

I've seen the exhibit now, and my account is here:

After seeing Bodyworlds, I surmise that some people don't care for the way some of the specimens look rather like sides of meat. Well, the human body is composed of 'meat'. Perhaps vegetarians can better handle this fact. What is the difference between human 'meat' and animal 'meat'? Certainly, without the animating soul, 'meat' is 'meat'. One vegetarian we know saw the exhibit not once but twice.

I didn't find the exhibits 'denigrating' to the deceased, but rather I am grateful to those who volunteered that on death, their bodies be used for such educational purposes.

5:12 am  

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