Thursday, January 18, 2007

Schrödinger's cat

Soon after publishing my short note about Robert Anton Wilson's death something interesting happened.

I decided to take Wilson's Schrödinger's cat trilogy out of my bookshelf the next evening and to just browse through it a bit before going to sleep. I found the book for 1€ from one Christian second hand store some months ago. It was an odd treasure in the middle of junk. I jokingly thought that maybe the next time I pick it up something odd happens again. It was just like some cosmic quantum joke to find Schöringer's cat from the middle of old shoes, clothes, and bad novels from the past. I finished my green tea and thought that maybe it would be a good time to read the book. I would most likely find it as inspiring as all other of Wilson's books that I've read. I left the book next to my keyboard and went to bed.

The next morning I made a cup of coffee and started to check my emails, Schödinger's cat still next to the keyboard. The first of the emails was from a friend who wrote that he had seen Schrödinger's cat by Wilson in a local bookstore during the previous day and that he thought about buying it. There was another odd synchronicity in the email too, which made me feel what in gurdjieffian terms could called a "shock between si and do on the ray of creation".

Hmm. What is this Schödinger's cat all about? See Wikipedia for a good summary. I was right when I months ago jokingly thought that something odd would happen the next time I would pick up the book. Somehow in some alternative universe it was as if there was not a cat in the box anymore, but Wilson himself.


Anonymous Islamic Jihad said...

I never met a cat here, what is all this fuss about a cat?

5:54 pm  

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