Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rûna magazine, issue 19

New issue of Rûna magazine is out and it includes, among other things, a conversation with Dr. Stephen Edred Flowers of the Woodharrow Institute, my essay of my rite of passage into the Rune-Gild and Ensio Kataja’s insightful article the Runes of the Holy. Because my friend Ensio Kataja already wrote a good review of the issue, I am hinting my readers to go and read Ensio’s review and also of other things that he so well writes about.

Ordering Rûna magazine:

UK: £3.00 + 50p p&p, made payable to Eormensyl Hall, BM Sorcery, London WC1N 3XX. 4-issue subscription £14. Subscription can also be paid with PayPal to Editor Ian Read's e-mail address. GERMANY: €6.00, made payable to Equinoxe Organization, Beethovenstraße 59, 09130 Chemnitz. USA: $8.50, made payable to Rûna-Raven Press, P.O: Box 557, Smithville, Texas 78957.

Some related links for the interested could be my recent entry about tiwaz-rune to my and Ensio Kataja’s blog about runes and the U.K. based One Tribe occult talk show’s one hour with Ian Read, musician and Drighten of the Rune-Gild.


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