Sunday, October 08, 2006

Vasemman Käden Polku

Vasemman Käden Polku (The Left Hand Path), my first book, is going to be printed in its 3rd edition by my publisher Voimasana in the next two weeks. The book is going to be published in hardcover for the first time, with a new foreword and an extra appendix. The book is also going to get out in English later this year. My many thanks for all the English proofreaders of the book.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is a high time to get the classic out both in finnish hardcover and in english too! aletheia! keep up with the good work.

2:19 am  
Blogger Proserpiynne said...

Congratulations Tapio!
I'm looking forward to read the English translation.
The cover looks great, btw :)

5:14 pm  

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