Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pessoa on Aletheia

I don't know what words could describe what a human being feels when he really feels that he exists and that soul is something real. I don't know if I have fever when I feel what I feel or if I don't any more have a fever for traveling my life in a dream. Yes, I am like a traveler who suddenly realizes to be in a strange place without knowing how I got there. When a human being loses his memory, he is for a long time someone else than himself. I have been someone else than myself for a long time - since my birth and awakening of my consciousness - and I am suddenly awakened on a bridge, and I bow down to see the river and I know, better than ever before, that I am alive.
- Fernando Pessoa


Blogger Proserpiynne said...

I study myself but I can't perceive.
I'm so addicted to feeling that
I lose myself if I'm distracted
From the sensasions I receive.

This liquor I drink, the air I breathe,
Belong to the very way I exist:
I've never discovered how to resist
These hapless sensations I conceive.

Nor have I ever ascertained
If I really feel what I feel.
Am I what I seem to myselfe - the same?

Is the I I feel the I that's real?
Even with feelings I'm a bit of an atheist.
I don't even know if it's I who feels.

Álvaro de Campos Lisboa, August 1913

5:59 am  
Blogger Queen of Wands said...

"Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power." -Lao-Tzu

10:09 pm  

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