Monday, July 17, 2006

Book of Life related quotes, II

Our entire lives considered at any moment is a Xeper, a manifestation. If you can think of all the things that you've wrought - changes in your mind/body complex, your recognition, your reputation - all of those things that represent what you have brought to this Earth - as a giant talisman - then you've got a handle on Xeper, the noun. Many of you may have written a Rune to pull something - gold or love - out of the Unmanifest. That Rune is a tiny, tiny version of the great talisman your Xeper is. The creation of Xeper is the Working whereby we attract what we're going to get in this life, and the divine memory we will have of this life.
- Don Webb
Out of the multiplicity of factors that enter into the shaping of a life, resultant patterns of living and relating emerge. A theme, or a group of interrelated themes, appears that can be modified and adapted to the stage-specific tasks or to the exigencies that arise. Sometimes the dominant theme results from an early childhood fixation and reiterates itself, unable to develop and lead onward, remaining in the same groove like the needle on a flawed phonograph record. The basic themes are more readily detected in emotionally disturbed persons because they are more set, more clearly repetitive, and perhaps more familiar to the practiced ear that has heard similar themes so often before. Still, repetitive ways of reacting and relating occur in all lives. The meaning of an episode in a life can often be grasped properly only through understanding how it furthers, impedes, or disrupts essential themes.
- Theodore Lidz
What I've discovered with stark and undeniable clarity is that ones who do well are so in touch with their individual core of consciousness, so aware of their self-worth and their sense of personal value, that they not only treat themselves with enormous self-respect but they inspire others to treat them with equal respect. They live with an empowering inner clarity, one that gives them the unshakable confidence that they alone can determine the quality of their life. They have tapped into their core of consciousness, claimed their right to a fulfilling life, and have refused to accept less from themselves or anyone else.
- Phillip C. McGraw
Love, work, and knowledge are the wellsprings of our life. They should also govern it.
- Wilhelm Reich
Let's look for a treasure!
- Terrance and Phillip


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