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Book of Life 2006 CE statement

[The following is from the general statement of the worldwide intra-Temple of Set Working the Book of Life of the Temple's the Order of the Great Bear. Also non-setians are are free to do the Working on their own. For general information on the Working see my first book Vasemman Käden Polku (English translation The Left Hand Path is forthcoming from Voimasana later this year)].

* * * * *

The Order of the Great Bear's annual Working called the Book of Life will begin on 13th of this month, on the traditional Finnish day of a bear.

During the last years the BoL has basically been about Working with past layers of one's path in order to Remember oneself and via that to be more able to Become in the potential future. This has meant Working with all past year's of one's life and writing an initiatory autobiography in the process. This year the direction of the Working is for the first time in its history (we have nearly 6 years of tradition for this within the Temple of Set now, and the Working has also been available for the general Finnish public via my first book since 2004 CE) towards the future. As discussed earlier, this brings certain differences to this year's schedule for the Working.

One week is enough time for the Working this year. It is not going to be about a month long project like previously. One can adjust the Working to be shorther or longer, though, if needed. Instead of year-by-year Working we will Work this year during that one week (13th-20th of July) with three special sections of our future's. The first of these includes the coming next few years. This means years that one can potentially fairly well plan, hope and dream about, and to Work towards these fairly well-defined goals and dreams. The second of these sections refers to the time between this near future and the very final part of one's physical life. The third, the last section deals with Working about facing physical death and reflecting on what kind of life you Will to live, with what kind of path/book of life you would feel most satisfied with on your body's deathbed as an Initiate, a human being.

The basic three-lense perspective within these three sections of the future in the Working are a) one’s body (one’s natural self and material aspects of one’s universe in general), b) one’s persona (one’s social, cultural self), and c) one’s psyche (one’s non-natural Self). With this basic three lense view one reflects on things that one a) absolutely desire and Will to have or to experience in the future, b) hope/wish for in the future, c) fear to experience in the future.

At the end of each of these main three sections of the Working (near future, time between near future and the final phase of life, and the final phase), one writes a letter to one's future self of those sections. The letters are then sealed and stored, and opened and read later during one's life when the time is right.

These letters, as the whole Working again, is aimed to serve us to Remember our most Noble Selves, and accordingly to gain understanding on how to make the best out of this path between natural birth and death in order to do glory to our non-natural potential, our Selves, and the Highest of Life.



Blogger Grete Ulvhild Loennechen said...

About time...and Reinhart Koselleck's "Vergangene Zukunft":

"What is time? It is never actually here; the future is still not here, and the past is already over. And at the very moment the future materializes into a now, it also becomes past. So time IS never here, it comes to meet ut and disappears through us and our lives without us ever having been able to grab it."

Just a digression...

11:28 am  
Blogger Grete Ulvhild Loennechen said...

If Primordial's last album, "Spirit of the Earth Aflame" was the call to arms, a statement of intent, the desire and will to bring about the winds of meet a new challenge head on.. "Storm Before Calm" is the struggle to meet this new order, be in the struggle of one man, a race, a nation, the struggle within us all. Yet "Storm Before Calm" is about is about how you see, feel and find yourself in relation to the past. The lesson it teaches us but also the liberties that today's age takes with our history and our heritage. Are we writing our own pages within the annals of history..right here, right now, today? "Storm Before Calm" is primal, it seeks to question the morals, religions and cultures imposed upon us, the questioning of oneself. Discovering your true place within this vast question. Discovering your place within your history, within the vastness of deeds and actions of places and peoples. You are both sacrifice and solution. With Veins of Aflame. And Heart of Thunder."

Primordial 2002.

2:46 pm  
Anonymous Joan said...

I am glad to be participating again for what does indeed feel like 'tradition' now.

I like your basic schedule, though I can't say now if my days will line up that exactly. I am glad it is future looking this time. yes, it does seem like 'time travel'. I took part in the 2004 and 2005 past examining BOLs and have had lasting results from those. I saw how what I am now has been a gradual evolution
from the child me. All that I value, all that I cherish, I cherished then, even if I did not know the name for it. This gives a sense of
cohesiveness to my concept of Self. I operate with that cohesiveness, feel more cohesive in each moment. I suspect this future look will do likewise and possibly give better aim to my Will to Xeper.

For a sense of continuity, I took a day to look back at my past year,
and add a chapter to my online Book of Life. I went through my public posts and picked the ones most showing my state of being, an evolution of mind. Here is URL:

to BOL index:

Now I have begun the forward looking, which as of now will be divided into these ages five years from now, age 52, twenty years from then, age 72, which hopefully is full
fruition of my goals and age 92, getting awfully close to death.

Magic has already informed my future explorations, via my present explorations. I learned more about the 'sacrifice of self to Self', and Odin:

"And then the next begs to me the question, as I envision a future me I'd like to see come into being,and hear mySelf asking me a question "So you have this vision of your future self and all that you'd like to accomplish? You want all this knowledge, this creation, bringing down from the heavens the Fire? You want all this, and you want it by age 72, if not sooner? Then just what are you willing to do to GET this??? Would you be as Odin? Would you sacrifice self to Self?".

What will I give up, in order to have these? I suspect I must answer this moment by moment.

May Mysterious Magic be with us all!

5:58 pm  
Blogger xcvxcv said...

Making note of the moments in your past when you have really remembered yourself, is there a better technique for creating a continuity for the return of the Self to the now? Or finding threads of your existence and weaving them into a tapestry of remembrance?

Best of luck to those doing this working.

Remember yourself.

2:44 am  

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