Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Vox Paganorum 1/06

Late last year I won a competition for covers of this year's numbers of Vox Paganorum, the publication of Pakanaverkko (Pagan Net). The first of those covers, Sender of Dreams, is presented above. The drawing was published for the first time in my second book Saatanan Mustat Nahkasiivet.

The first number of Vox for this year is available. Among other subjects, the number includes articles on herbs, martyrdom, ancient Roman views of nature, mythical animals, music and ritual, as well as an interview I made with Ensio Kataja and a review I made of his book Riimujen Viisaus (translates into Wisdom of Runes). The review can be found in English from here.

If you are a Finn and want to support some national group that looks after and speaks for the rights of marginal religions and philosophies that can be contextualized as 'pagan', one good grassroots level way to do that is to order Vox Paganorum. 15 Euroes is not much for four numbers per year.


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