Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Friends, II

I am still stunned. In the most positive way I can think of.

I supposed it was going to be a pretty quiet Saturday night. I was wrong.

On Saturday afternoon I and my guests Ensio Kataja and his lovely partner Satu (who I converted into Keuhkot-maniacs) were going to be picked up to my friends, Petri’s and Päivi’s place. I expected a quiet and private Saturday evening with just these friends. Odd things started to happen from the very beginning though. I am glad I didn’t dress up just in jogging suit... At least I had a cool t-shirt on :-)

Aino, a friend of mine was there to pick us up (instead of Petri) with some weird party-wig in her head. It didn’t ring any bells for me. Maybe it tells of my thoughts of Aino’s common place repertoire of dressing up or my total naivety regarding conditions involved. In any case, as Jussi, Aino’s brother, joined us “accidentally” during the trip and as we took an unusual route, I knew something related to my coming 34th birthday was taking place... I started to get worried about options... Luckily none of my worst case scenario ideas took place. I found myself from Petri’s workplace’s door soon instead.

What happened next blowed my mind away… totally. There was this huge golden gate with my name and age on top of it. I think no Order of the Golden Dawn ritual ever saw anything that elaborate. And then… all of those friends of mine did flow into the lobby of the building… from different parts of Finland and also all the way from the United Kingdom... Jesus! (Joe Young from Orgazmo says here: “Where?!?”). I also heard of a good number of people who almost made it there.

It was just so absolutely weird to be there with all of those people all of a sudden. There was a speech in my honor and in order to welcome everyone present, a green boosting drink offered to everyone, and a big videoscreen feeding the audience with pics dealing with my life accompanied with music from my CD Terra Hyperborea. It was a very cartesian moment. I almost asked somebody to pinch me to wake me up.

The building where we were has four floors and a very cool architectural setting. On the second floor there was food. And I mean, there was tons of food. On the third floor there was a karaoke/music floor and I should also add sauna and a smoking balcony... After everyone had taken food we pretty soon moved to the upper floor to listen to Päivi’s skilful singing… also a good number of others stepped to the stage. We heard some amazing versions all the way from Iron Maiden to Britney Spears.

They sang me happy birthday. They made tribute songs for me. Absolutely great throat singing by Korpinsilmä. Wesley Willis-type of stuff by Kevin and Kristian. Petri had sacrificed few days to prepare a killer multimedia-video presentation about my life.

They presented me gifts, tons of stuff... Savinelli’s churchwarden pipe. A genuine Sacher-chocolate cake straight from Austria (Danke schön, Karin!). A splendid gift certificate to Some Place Else. A kick ass edition of Victor Neuber’s Triumph of Pan. An Aletheia-spirited belt (Live to ride, ride to live!), Gurdjieff’s hymns and dances, true Finnish folk (Valkyrend Variete), good coffee, chocolate and wonderful old red wine… not to forget a new killer computer.

Päivi’s brand new video for Varjokansaa was presented there too. It was great. Keep your eyes and ears open for her, she is going to get known sooner or later in a much larger circles.

I feel I have not yet said even half of what I have wanted to say here... It deals with having friends. That evening elevated my consciousness to the fourth (and at times fifth) floor of my house of consciousness. It all did show me so strongly what it means to have true friends. I need to confess I held up tears a few times due to being so moved of having all those wonderful people there with me. I have no words for how much you all mean for me, how much you brought and bring me happiness. The world is so much better because of people like you. I love you like a milkshake, to quote Wesley Willis.

My special thanks for Petri and Aino who made the party possible. My thanks also for all of you who were there... without you it would not have been what it was.


Blogger Akenanubis said...

Well Sir, I am touched by your story from this great distance. Such love to inspire in others that they go to these lengths to celebrate your existence. You are truly blessed.


4:01 am  
Anonymous Af said...

Happy birthday, from a stranger, too!

8:35 am  
Anonymous Korpinsilmä said...

Oh yeah! If it was a party to
remember for you, it sure was
for the guests too. I'm glad
my number was pleasant, and
I _didn't_ succeed (at least as
far as I know) in my brown
(or yellow) noise experiments.

BTW. The sacher cake was from
Austria, not Schwitzerland. :-)
I really don't mind, but if Karin
spots your mistake she'll probably
throw the next one in your face.
:-D I guess the mistake is
comparable to the situation where
someone would claim that Santa
Claus was actually from Sweden
or something like that. :-)

9:03 am  
Blogger Wooki said...

It certainly was an evening to not-forget also from the visitors point of view. You've got a classy selection of friends (and I'm not just talking about myself..).

As you grow older and wiser, you'll also learn to keep me away from the mic.

9:51 am  
Blogger Tapio Kotkavuori said...


Vlek - yes, I am truly blessed with really good friends.

Af - thank you!

Korpinsilmä - aha! So there was a hidden agenda in the throat-singing :D I don't understand why I got Austria wrong (it's now fixed), thanks for the note! The Santa Claus point was very good! :-)

Wooki - welcome to the club of first time karaoke singers! You did well! :-)

10:34 am  
Anonymous Joan said...

I'm glad to read of your marvelous birthday celebration, and rejoice with you. May the year to come be filled with many more such blessings!

3:50 pm  

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