Thursday, March 23, 2006

Springtime ramblings

My study on the hidden curriculum is almost finished. Thank Pazuzu. The text should be ready by Friday. I might put it available to Voimasana’s pages later.
While having a break in writing, relaxing in front of a strong cup of Caffé Inferno and listening to Ovro’s Gegenduchgangenzeit, I realized that my birthday is right around the corner. How that happened? Being over 30 years old reveals some interesting aspects of a subjective nature of time. I am sure it gets even more interesting to follow the white rabbit in this wonderland after hitting 40 and beyond. Anyone here to tell about that?
Thoughts about age reminded me that apparently a good number of people who count themselves as ‘pagans’ have their birthday’s during spring. Does it somehow correlate to these people’s type of religiousness that their parents did the sacrament around midsummer? Do you think that the time of the year you were born does somehow resonate with your personality in some oddly profound way? Mine does. I am definitely a spring person.
As I’ve noted before, I am not too big on horoscopes. I think it would be more interesting to hear some speculation about one’s birthday season’s effect on one’s personality than some way too distant planet’s positions. Or how it has effected people if their mother’s listened non-stop to Kake Randelin, Abba, Barry Polisar or whatever during pregnancy.


Blogger Akenanubis said...

Greetings ....

Well I am down the Rabbit Hole past 50 and it's pretty wild. Love it. A lot of unexpected surprises that explain a lot of things. I actually want to start doing some work on this topic as an approach to transformative acceptance and exploration of this time rather than putting on the robes of mourning. There is much here, if you have lead up to it properly, that is a pretty amazing ride. You'll hear no complaints out of me.
I am not a big horoscope person either. I was born in the middle of summer but I have no affinity with it. I have a winter fetish and live for it. We get a bit of it here in New York State. Less each year it seems, and for this I feel cheated. I absolutely come alive and into the fullness of my enjoyment of myself when there is ice on the river and we have single digits for at least a week. This is probably amusing to people on this list. But all of my grandparents were born in your neighboring countries and this is what I attribute it to.

Cheers ...

1:13 am  
Anonymous Joan said...

"Interesting aspects of the subjective nature of time," YES, time really does seem to get faster and faster the older you get.

47! year old Joan...

6:12 am  
Anonymous Joan said...

By the way, "Happy Birthday!"

1:36 pm  
Blogger Tapio Kotkavuori said...


Vlek, you might want to take part to O.G.B.'s _Book of Life_-project this year if writing an initiatory autobiography sounds like a good idea.

Joan, thank you. My day of the eternal return is still in a near future, to be exact, on the same day as past storyteller H.C. Andersen's... :-)

Let's keep on following the rabbit! :-)

5:20 pm  
Anonymous Petri said...

I'm the type of mofo that always needs to be testing out some hypothesis, some way of conceptualizing things -- or else life just gets too simple and boring. ;) For the last couple of years I've checked out "astrology". I put that in quotation marks because I've done it my way. I've only taken the 12 seasons, so to speak, and then started out inductively from there. I've tried to analyze my friends, work buddies and so on, and seen if I could come up with something in common with those born in the same season (without resorting to anyone else's descriptions).

I don't know shit about stars, nor do I care about daily horoscopes or the like. But I love all kinds of typology because my interest is in how people RELATE to each other.

I have to say that I have learned from two years of self-observed astrology more about my TYPE than I learned from a decade of initiatory work. (Of course, just learning what I have now learned about typology would be pretty much useless if I hadn't also learned how to do something with knowledge -- and this I've learned earlier.)

I am quite sure you could divide the year in some other ways and still be able to make useful hypotheses about how people will behave in given situations. It is all about how much of the typology you observe and analyze yourself, by your own effort, for your own use. I guess this activity itself makes you more sensitive to TYPE and much of it will become intuitive.

My favourite astrology sites have to be


They are both just so much fun.

The most useful stuff I've found on discussion groups where people of different "horoscopes" comment on themselves and each other with respect to their life problems. It can be quite an experience to see people of your season put out thoughts you could yourself have written, and see how they have had similar problems with a person of a given season as you have.

Like any good skill, it does take something like a year to see for yourself if you can work with this typology. What I do find most interesting is that it seems a keen mind can make pretty much any tradition work for themselves. Even the ones that seemed the most bogus of all to begin with. There is so much that works that we have no freaking idea of why it works, and it seems to me we are too easy to dismiss them for not appealing to our aesthetics (like "they are not scientific or cool enough")...

I'm not a fatalist, but I believe accepting one's type is a central key to mastering one's fate (and thus happiness). I know a lot of our individualism tends to revolt against any form of reduction to type, but to me that is the beginning of understanding one's potential. We may all have potential, but we do not have the same potential for everything.

9:05 pm  
Blogger Tapio Kotkavuori said...

Hi Petri,

thanks for a great post!

Ah, yeah, that French site you mentioned is fun.

According to the site, the best compatibility rating I have with anyone I checked was Angelica Jolie:

"Your 5 compatibility ratings

Human rating: 20.0 / 20
Emotional rating: 20.0 / 20
Physical rating: 20.0 / 20
Communication rating: 20.0 / 20
Durability rating: 17.5 / 20

All the rest were left far behind in ratings. Should I be worried or what? :-)

2:15 am  
Blogger Akenanubis said...

The O.G.B.'s _Book of Life_ Project? Tell me more!


4:14 am  
Anonymous Petri said...

My best matches on that site are along the axis of Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Britney Spears (all three 20/20), so yeah, run away from me!! ;)

Though some old australian lady Jan Sharrock tops it all with 6000+ points. Gotta travel to Australia. Just booked the flights, heh. ;)

And to you I have just two words:


R A I D E R ! ! !


9:13 am  

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