Friday, June 15, 2007

Gone? # 1

Photo (c) Tapio Kotkavuori 2007 CE

Gone? # 1 according to Linda Granholm's vision was a magical Working par excellence. As all great art, this separated its audience from the everyday life and gave some fresh view on things. This was multi-dimensional, serious stuff, yet also fun, wonderfully intimate and interactive experience between the performers and the audience. My most sincere thanks to great performers and to Linda for this experience. Aristotle would have said that we, the audience, got our katharsis. No doubt. Fear, apples, laugh, serious reflection on profound themes... and so much more in our subjective universes. I feel honored to have been part of this with the music of my Terra Hyperborea. I count to 93 and back here.


Anonymous Tuonensola said...

A Truly Eye Opening Experience! Thank you Tapio

12:47 pm  

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